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Real-world HTML: The title attribute

title attributes are rarely needed in markup. You might provide them to add a little more detail to, say, a hyperlink or an abbreviation (first instance of an abbreviation only, thank you very much), but other than that, they often provide no other value. Some browsers may provide tooltips when you hover over them (because you simply must have tooltips, right?), but such functionality is not supported in all browsers. Especially on mobile devices, where pointer events, like hover, may not even exist.

Surperflous Bloat: <a title="Star Wars fans" href="">Star Wars fans</a>

A CMS gone awry. How is this even useful? And yet, we run into this type of crud all of the time. Most instances revolve around a lack of understanding or in a misguided attempt to somehow magically improve SEO (See what I did there?).

Semantic Sweetness: <abbr title="Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets">Sass</abbr>

Much better. Consider yourself informed and dangerous. :-)